RIPE 87 Call for Local Hubs

We want to help people who can’t physically join a RIPE Meeting to participate remotely and in a more engaging way. Do you want to facilitate a space for them to meet in your city? If yes, organise a Local Hub!

Local Hubs are in-person gatherings that take place in parallel to the RIPE Meeting. They allow registered participants to watch the webcast of the RIPE Meeting, follow the discussions and participate online via chat, audio, or video. Best of all, they can network with other community members from your country, experience the community spirit, and discuss topics from a local perspective. Should you choose to, you can also expand the programme to hold additional debates around topics of the RIPE Meeting of particular interest to the local participants.

To organise a Local Hub, you’ll need:

  • One or two rooms with chairs and tables for people to follow the sessions
  • Reasonably fast Internet connectivity
  • A big screen and projector 
    • Optional: conferencing-capable audio equipment
  • Promotion through local channels to invite local community members
    • Optional: announcement webpage and registration form
  • Think about arranging food and drinks – will you provide coffee breaks and lunch, or would you tell participants to bring their own snacks

For more details on the technical setup, please contact us, and we will put you in touch with the RIPE NCC technical department.

There are three main roles you should consider:

  • A coordinator: to arrange logistics (including refreshments), send announcements and invitations to the local community, inform the RIPE NCC about the Local Hub, etc.
  • A moderator: to facilitate discussions and relay questions to the RIPE community
  • A technical support: arrange technical logistics, be present for troubleshooting

The roles can be carried out by the same person, or by different people, but please make sure they will be present on-site.

Please note that any Local Hub participant needs to be registered as an online attendee on the RIPE 87 Meeting website to ask questions at the mic and to network with other online participants.

How to Organise a Local Hub?

Fill out this form with the required information before Monday, 20 November 2023. By sending us this information, we will be able to add your Local Hub to a list online and provide you with more technical information, promotion and support.

To have your Local Hub listed on the RIPE 87 website, it needs to fulfil the following criteria:

  • You have space available for a minimum of 15 people
  • You are planning to broadcast at least two full days of the RIPE Meeting
  • Participation should be open to anyone from your city/region (of course, you can cut off registrations once the maximum capacity of your space is reached) 
  • Reasonable effort should be put into reaching out to the local technical community

If you still want to organise a Local Hub after 5 November 2023, you can promote your Local Hub yourself on the RIPE community mailing lists, RIPE NCC forum and your social media channels. 

Disclaimer: Local Hubs are the sole responsibility of the Local Hub coordinators (“Coordinators”). The RIPE NCC is not responsible for non-performance of the Coordinator or any matters related to the organisation of the Local Hub, including technical, other relevant equipment or catering and beverages. Any questions and complaints about the Local Hub should be addressed directly to the Coordinator. The RIPE Code of Conduct applies to the Local Hub and all the attendees of the Local Hub.