NRO NC Elections

An election to fill one seat on the NRO NC took place during RIPE 87 from 27 November – 1 December 2023.

Constanze Bürger was elected to continue the three year term started by James Kennedy in January 2023 and ending in December 2025. Further information can be found on the NRO NC webpages.

Executive Board Appointment
Hervé Clément was re-appointed by the RIPE NCC Executive Board for a three year term starting in January 2024 and ending in December 2026. View the Executive Board resolution appointing Hervé.

View the official call for nominations

Voter Eligibility

View the voting information page on the NRO NC webpages

All members of the RIPE community who are checked in to attend the RIPE 87 Meeting, except Regional Internet Registry (RIR) staff members, may vote in the election. You must have attended at least one RIPE Meeting out of the previous eight RIPE Meetings (online or onsite). You must be checked-in by the time voting registration closes in order to be eligible to vote. All checked-in attendees have a green tick mark next to their names on the attendee list.

Online attendees: You must register to vote and check in virtually for RIPE 87 via your registration page, using your unique link received in the RIPE Meeting registration confirmation email.

Onsite attendees: Please contact the Registration desk if you would like to vote in the NRO NC election and you did not select the option to vote when registering for RIPE 87.

The voting for this election will be conducted electronically. Each eligible voter will have one vote. The nominee with the most votes will be elected.

All votes cast during the NRO NC election are completely anonymous.

The RIPE community is currently discussing strengthening voter eligibility for the NRO NC elections. If the NRO NC Election Process is adopted ahead of RIPE 87, additional voter eligibility requirements will be implemented.

Casting a Vote at the NRO NC Election

The NRO NC election will use Assembly Voting, a third-party online voting platform. Voting takes place electronically and requires two-factor authentication. Voters will receive two emails from Assembly Voting at approximately 17:00 (UTC+1) on Tuesday, 28 November. Once voting is open, all eligible voters with a link can access the voting pages and cast their vote.

Voting opens: Tuesday, 28 November at 17:00 (UTC+1)
Voting closes: Friday, 1 December at 09:00 (UTC+1).

  • All registered eligible voters will receive their voting registration number from the RIPE NCC by email after the registration deadline has passed.
  • Assembly Voting will send a separate email containing a unique link to the online voting platform. This is a personal auto-sign-in link that enables the user to cast one vote.
  • Voters need to use their unique link to access the voting platform and must enter their voting registration number in order to cast their vote.

Once voting is open, all attendees with a link can access the voting pages and cast their vote.

Important Dates and Deadlines

4 September 2023: Call for nominations for the NRO NC election issued
30 October 2023: Deadline for NRO NC nominations
6 November 2023: Deadline for all confirmed nominees to be posted on the RIPE NCC website
Tuesday, 28 November, 14:00 UTC+1 Deadline to register to vote and to check in
Tuesday, 28 November, 17:00 UTC+1 Voting opens Friday, 1 December, 09:00 UTC+1 Voting closes
1 December 2023: Announce successful candidate at closing plenary of RIPE 87

Results of the Voting

The RIPE Chair will announce the results of the voting during the Closing Plenary session. The announcement will also be webcast for remote participants.