Presentation Archive

Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Christer WeinigelIoTRoughtime: Securing time for IoT devices2023-11-21
Christian PetraschPlenaryBuilding a Big Data Platform with Open Source2023-11-22
Luca SaniMATWhere the !?*! Are the Packets Going?2023-11-24
Gerardo ViviersAnti-AbuseB.2. From Awareness to Action - Empowering Change Through Anti-Abuse Training2023-11-24
Massimiliano StucchiOpening PlenaryThe RIPE Programme Committee2023-11-24
Ondřej CaletkaTutorialIPv6-mostly on OpenWRT2023-11-24
Jayasree SenguptaPlenaryWeb Privacy By Design: Evaluating Cross-layer Interactions of QUIC, DNS and H/32023-11-25
Romain JacobOpening PlenaryThe Internet of Tomorrow Must Sleep More and Grow Old2023-11-25
Sheikh Md SeumPlenaryHigh Quality Affordable Internet for the Bottom of the Pyramid2023-11-26
Robert KistelekiMATRIPE NCC Tools Update2023-11-26
Romain JacobBoFSustainable Networking: Where are we and where should we go?2023-11-26
Maurizio GorettiOpening PlenaryWelcome from the Local Host2023-11-27
Geoff HustonPlenaryOn LEOs and Starlink2023-11-27
Constantin SanderMATECN with QUIC: Challenges in the Wild2023-11-27
Alexander AzimovPlenaryEgress Monitoring at Scale2023-11-27
Edward LewisDNSDNSSEC Non-Deployment. What Can Be Done?2023-11-27
Mirjam KühneNewcomers' IntroductionNewcomers' Introduction2023-11-27
Silvan GebhardtPlenaryUsing IXPmanager to Run a Transit Provider Network2023-11-27
Maria MatejkaTutorialBIRD 1 EOL: What to do now?2023-11-27
Ulka AthaleOpening PlenaryNRO NC Election November 20232023-11-27
Jan ZorzBCOP TFA. Opening, Administrative, Global Activities2023-11-27
Shane KerrBCOP TFRIPE DNS Resolver Task Force Recommendations: Could We Make a BCOP Out of It?2023-11-27
Ulka AthaleOpening PlenaryWelcome from the RIPE NCC and Meeting Logistics2023-11-27
Alena MuravskaBCOP TFD. Identifying and Documenting Best Practices to Survive Natural Disasters or War: intermediate report and discussion.2023-11-27
Mirjam KühneOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 872023-11-27
Jen LinkovaPlenaryMission Possible: Turning off IPv4 in Google Enterprise Network2023-11-27
Raffaele SommesePlenaryAmassing Country-Code Top-Level Domains from Public Data2023-11-27
Andrei RobachevskyBCOP TFMANRS Actions - A Series of Smaller BCOPs?2023-11-27
Randy BushOpening PlenaryThe RIR Social Contract2023-11-27
Robert BeverlyPlenaryGeo-auditing RIR Address Registrations2023-11-27
Jayasree SenguptaPlenaryEvaluating DNS Resiliency with Truncation, Fragmentation and DoTCP Fallback2023-11-27
Massimo CandelaPlenaryPresent and Future of IRRd2023-11-28
Massimo CandelaMATWelcome2023-11-28
Leo VegodaConnect7. PeeringDB Update2023-11-28
Christer WeinigelPlenaryRoughtime: Securing Time for IoT Devices2023-11-28
Matthias WichtlhuberBoFIP Multicast Revisited: Setups, Use Cases, Interdomain?2023-11-28
Stavros KonstantarasConnect6. Follow Up on a Common BCOP for the Use of IRR DB by IXP Route Servers2023-11-28
Flavio LucianiBoFAn IXP Perspective on Multicast2023-11-28
Viliyana IvanovaBoFZattoo Setup - Backend distribution and IPTV delivery2023-11-28
Matthias WichtlhuberBoFDiscussion Items2023-11-28
Eric van UdenIoTC. Does It Matter in CPE?2023-11-28
Peter SteinhaeuserIoTA. Introduction and Housekeeping2023-11-28
Anna Maria MandalariIoTB. Strengthening the IoT Ecosystem2023-11-28
Louise van der PeetPlenaryPrivacy.txt: A Self-Disclosing Standard for Transparency on the Web2023-11-28
Arturo FilastòMATMeasuring Internet Censorship with OONI2023-11-28
Stephen StrowesMATClosing Remarks2023-11-28
Fredy KünzlerBoFHow Init7 is using Multicast2023-11-28
Valentin HeinrichMATAh, This Is How Packets Get Here! Measuring Reverse Paths on the Public Internet2023-11-28
Taras HeichenkoPlenaryThe "Citizenship" of Resources2023-11-28
David LawrenceDNSDELEGations++2023-11-28
Maria MatejkaOpen SourceC. External Submissions to Open Source Projects2023-11-28
Shane KerrDNSDNS Resolver Best Common Practice Task Force Update2023-11-28
Leo VegodaAddress PolicyA. Introduction2023-11-28
Robbie MitchellPlenaryIndexing Europe’s Internet Resilience2023-11-28
Ed ShryaneDatabaseD. NWI-4 Tuple Impact Analysis2023-11-28
Ignacio CastroCooperationBridging the Gap Between Internet Stakeholders with Technical Forum Analytics2023-11-28
Adonis StergiopoulosRIPE NCC ServicesD. RIPE NCC Survey 20232023-11-28
Sander SteffannAddress PolicyNRO NC / ICANN ASO AC Update2023-11-28
Marco SchmidtAnti-AbuseAbuse-c Validation & ASN Cleanup - RIPE NCC Data2023-11-28
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyFeedback from the RIPE NCC Registration Services2023-11-28
Angela Dall'AraAddress PolicyE. Policy Update Followed by Q&A2023-11-28
Jeroen Lauwers / Tore AndersonAddress PolicyG. 2023-04: Add AGGREGATED-BY-LIR status for IPv4 PA Assignments2023-11-29
Tim WicinskiDNSIETF DNSOP Update2023-11-29
Tobias KnechtAnti-AbuseGlobal Reporting2023-11-29
Anand BuddhdevDNSDNS Update from the RIPE NCC2023-11-29
Brenda MainlandRIPE NCC ServicesD. RIPE NCC Survey 20232023-11-29
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseA. Administrative Matters2023-11-29
Paolo VolpatoIPv6IPv6 Connectivity to Many Carriers2023-11-29
Gert/Jan/SanderAddress PolicyThe Future of IPv6 Policy - Additional Content - Ideas on Nibble Boundaries and HD Ratios2023-11-29
James KennedyRIPE NCC ServicesD. Registry Update2023-11-29
Phillip OldhamRIPE NCC ServicesC. RIPE NCC Website Redesign2023-11-29
Menno SchepersClosing PlenaryRIPE 87 Technical Report2023-11-29
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesA. Administrative Matters2023-11-29
Raymond JettenIPv61. Welcome2023-11-29
Hans Petter HolenRIPE NCC ServicesE. RIPE NCC Update2023-11-29
Valerie AuroraOpen SourceCredit for Open Source Software Contributions: Exploring Best Practices2023-11-29
Marco PaesaniRouting2. Towards 6G and NTN: Opportunities for SRV6 and AI2023-11-29
Valerie AuroraDiversity and InclusionWhy Giving Credit Accurately Helps Diversity2023-11-29
Valerie AuroraRIPE Community PlenarySo You Think You Understand IP Fragmentation2023-11-29
Marco Paesani and Paul EmmonsConnect4. Open-IX Standard2023-11-29
Working Group ChairsOpen SourceA. Administrative Matters2023-11-29
Martin WinterOpen SourceE. Testing Challenges in the Open Source Community2023-11-29
Innocenzo GennaCooperationThe Reform of the European Telecom Framework: The Digital Network Act2023-11-29
Nicola RustignoliRoutingSCION: Secure Path-Aware Internet Architecture Deployment Update2023-11-29
Romain BoscCooperationRIPE NCC EU Regulatory Update and Q&A2023-11-29
Thomas WirtgenPlenaryxBGP - Faster Innovation in Routing Protocols2023-11-29
Hervé ClémentRIPE Community PlenaryASO AC Update and 2024 Perspective2023-11-29
Éric VynckeIPv6What’s New on the IPv6 Front at the IETF?2023-11-29
David TatlisuDatabaseNWI Update2023-11-29
Jordi Palet MartinezIPv65. Deployment of 464XLAT in a Medium-sized Operator2023-11-29
Ed ShryaneDatabaseB. Operational Update2023-11-29
Mark KostersDatabaseC. Geolocation within RDAP2023-11-30
Will van GulikConnectOpening,Housekeeping and selection process2023-11-30
Paul HoogstederRouting1. Introduction2023-11-30
Ulka AthaleRIPE Community PlenaryMastodon or Mastodon't?2023-11-30
Bijal SanghaniConnect8. Euro-IX Update2023-11-30
Ties de KockRouting3. RPKI Repositories at the RIPE NCC2023-11-30
Gergana PetrovaDiversity and InclusionDiversity at RIPE Meetings2023-11-30
Mannat KaurDiversity and InclusionCare in and for System Administration Work2023-11-30
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community PlenaryThe RIPE Chair Team Report2023-11-30
Karla Liddle-WhiteDiversity and InclusionIntroduction2023-11-30
Sasha RomijnDiversity and InclusionAccessibility & RIPE2023-11-30
Daniel WagnerClosing PlenaryHow to Operate a Telescope Without Operating a Telescope2023-11-30
Annika Hannig, Maria MatejkaDiversity and InclusionRoasting The Current RIPE Meeting2023-11-30
Stavros KonstantarasPlenaryA Post Mortem Analysis of the AMS-IX Outage2023-11-30
Mariano ScazzarielloPlenaryROSE-T: Making MANRS Compliance Simple (And Automatic!)2023-11-30
Emile AbenPlenaryOutages at Large IXPs: Does the Internet Route Around Damage?2023-12-01
Sebastian BeckerClosing PlenaryRIPE Code of Conduct Team Report2023-12-01
Mirjam KühneClosing PlenaryClosing2023-12-01
Patrick BussmannClosing PlenaryAn Invitation to RIPE 882023-12-01